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If you want Scentsy information: here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions, if you do not find what you are looking for among these FAQ's - Browse my website, please Contact me with any additional questions you may have.

Our Scentsy website is an official Scentsy website for everything you need or want to know about Scentsy. By brousing this Scentsy website you can learn all about Scentsy. Scentsy information is free and if you Contact me I will help you find out anything Scentsy you want to know.

Have a Scentsy Question?

Q. Where can I buy Scentsy?
A. There are several ways and places to buy Scentsy products. You can "Shop Scentsy Online," over the phone {call (801) 455-6366}, or directly from a Scentsy Consultant like me.

Buy Scentsy Now!
Q. How long does Scentsy last?
A. A Bar of Scentsy Wax will last a minimum of 50 hours, but often last 80 hours or more. It really depends on how strong you prefer the scent to be. Of course, moving air caused by open windows, fans, or even humidifiers could affect the time your scents will last for.
Q. What kind of Light Bulbs does Scentsy use?
A. Scentsy Warmers use 25 watt, 20 watt, and 15 watt light bulbs for the Full-Size, Mid-size, and plug-in warmers respectively. You can find these bulbs online on our Products page, or on my Scentsy sponsor site.
Q. Can Scentsy wax be used in a "Non-Scentsy" Warmer?
A. Of course! However, I would not recommend it as Scenty warmers are made specifically for the Scentsy wax. They are designed to reach the perfect temperature: warm enough to release the scent into the air without releasing any of the chemicals with it. This is just another reason why Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars are much safer and cleaner than regular candles.
Q. What kind of wax is used when making Scentsy Bars?
A. Scentsy uses a food-grade petroleum based wax. They chose this wax because of its superior scent loading ability, melting point, and firmness. After considering other waxes, Scentsy found that nothing else was a good quality, vegetable based wax that could hold the scent for a long time. Scentsy Warmers are designed to release the aromas into the air, while leaving the wax safely where it the warmer. This way, there is no danger of any chemicals being released into the home. Once the scent fades, you simply dispose of the wax and replace it with a new fragrance and you're good to go!
No wicks, No matches, No open flames, No ugly soot, No pesky smoke, and No wax chemicals in the air.
Q. What is food-grade petroleum wax?
A. Scenty's food grade petroleum wax is the same wax that grocery stores use to spray their apples, giving them their attractive shine.
Q. What type of oil does Scentsy use in their candles?
A. Scentsy uses key fragrance oil, which is the highest grade of oil, before processing.
Q. Do I use the entire Scentsy bar at once?
A. One Scentsy Bar comes with eight break-apart cubes. Place one or two of these smaller cubes into your Scentsy Warmer and enjoy!
Q. How hot does the wax get when warmed?
A. Scentsy uses a low watt light bulb allowing the wax temperature to remain just above body temperature. The wax never gets hot enough to burn anyone.
Q. How do I clean the wax out of the warmer?
A. Once the wax has released its scent into the air and you can't detect any more aroma in the air, you can pour the melted wax into a disposable container or back into its original wax container. Then simply wipe out the warmer tray with a paper towel. You may also place the warmer lid in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes and the wax should easily slide out.
Q. How much is shipping?
A. Shipping is always free for home, basket and book parties with $150 or more in total retail sales.
  1. Orders shipped within the Contiguous United States, with a retail value of:
    1. $0.01-$49.99, shipping will be $5.00.
    2. $50.00-$149.99, shipping will be 10% of the product total.
    3. $150.00 or more, shipping will be FREE!
  2. Orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, or Puerto Rico, with a retail value of:
    1. $0.01-$34.99, shipping will be $7.00.
    2. $35.00-$149.99, shipping will be 20% of the product total.
    3. $150.00 or more, shipping will be 10% of the product total.
  3. Orders shipped to Canada, with a retail value of:
    1. $0.01-$29.99, shipping will be $6.00.
    2. $30.00-$199.99, shipping will be 20% of the product total.
    3. $200.00 or more, shipping will be 10% of the product total.
Q. How long until delivery?
A. Approximately 2 to 3 weeks from when the Scentsy Party closes or an order is placed.
Q. Is it really worth it to Sell Scentsy?
A. Yes! When you Join Scentsy, you are joining one of the fastest growing Home Based Candle Businesses out there. Scentsy offers one of the Best Compensation plans. Also, if you join my award winning team, you are joining one of the fastes growing teams in Scentsy. We are dedicated to your success and are always available to help you anytime.
Q. Can I sell online?
A. Yes! Independent Consultants can sell Scentsy products online via their online Scentsy replicated website. All online advertising must first be approved by the home office.
Q. Can I sell on eBay?
A. No. In order to maintain the quality and integrity of Scentsy products, Scentsy Consultants are prohibited from selling on eBay or any other auction type website.
Q. Can I make my own personal website?
A. Yes! Keep in mind, however, websites created by Scentsy Independent Consultants must be approved by the home office before online activation. There are specific details and guidelines you must follow when creating a website as well. Once you become a consultant, you will have access to the Policy and Procedures Guidelines which gives you more details to your website design and creation

If you have more questions or you are interested in finding help to design your own site, please Contact me.
Q. Can I sell at fairs and events?
A. Yes! As a Scentsy Independent Consultant, you would be able to purchase your desired amount of inventory to resale at local events, fairs, or expos. You could also simply take orders. The choice is yours. Also, Scentsy policy allows only one Scentsy Booth per event. The first to register and pay for the event can freely sell and advertise product without pressure. As part of the Scentsy team, we always strive to preserve the and support the team.
Q. Are there any monthly or quarterly sales requirements?
A. Scenty's Policy requires that each consultant sell at least $150.00 of Scentsy product in one month out of three months to remain active.
Q. Are there any requirements to earn commissions on my team?
A. To earn commissions on your "frontline," team members that you have recruited, you must advance to a Lead Consultant ranking and sell a minimum of $500 per month in personal retail volume to qualify.

A Lead Consultant is a person who sells $500 in monthly personal retail sales (PRV) and his/her team has sold a minimum of $1000 in Group Wholesale Valume (GWV) in a month, and has one active frontline Scentsy Consultant (one that has sold at least $150.00 in a month).
Q. Are we required to pay for any of the Host Rewards?
A. A $5.00 Host Reward fee or party fee is assessed if the Host or hostess does not redeem his or her half-off Host reward at the close of the party. Many Consultants use this as a thank you gift for the Host or Hostess, and pay the fee themselves.
Q. How much is a Scentsy Starter Kit?
A. Scentsy Starter Kits are $99 USA ($119 Canadian) plus shipping and handling. Your Starter kit contains all 80+ snect samples, catalogs, order forms, business cards, and everything you will need to start your successful Scentsy Candle Business. This also includes your website for the first three months.
Q. How long does it take to get my Scentsy Starter Kit?
A. Scentsy generally ships starter kits within 72 hours of receiving your application. Starter Kits are shipped via UPS.
Q. Is the Consultant Scent of the Month Kit a required purchase?
A. No. The consultant may choose to sign up for the SOTM and/or the WOTM subsctription. This is a monthly savings to the consultant of $25 rather than ordering the individual items independently. Plus, the SOTM and WOTM count toward the consultant's monthly PRV.
Q. Who do customers write their checks to? Scentsy or the Consultant?
A. Checks need to made out to the Consultant as they are the ones who submit party orders online. At home parties, you (as the consultant), may ask the guests to write their checks out to the Host, then have the Host write one check out to you. For customers paying by check, payment is made using the Consultant's credit or debit card after the customer checks clear. Scentsy does not charge consultants to process credit cards. They accept VISA, MC, AMEX, and Discover.
Q. Can Hosts carry or save their Host benefits for later use?
A. No. Hosts must use their 1/2 price and free product rewards at the time consultants submit their party order or they will lose their reward benefits. They do not carry over nor can they be used at a later time.
Q. Are Consultants allowed to purchase Scentsy Candles at a discount and if so, what is the discount?
A. Scensty Independent Consultants pay for their product in full when the order is placed. However, discounts are paid in the form of commissions, and Scentsy loads commissions onto a Scentsy Pay Card on the 10th of each month.
Q. When are commission checks issued?
A. Scentsy will post the consultants commissions earned for the previous month in our workstation on the tenth of each month. The commissions are credited on a Scentsy Visa Pay Card on the tenth. Your commissions total must reach at least $30.00 for the month before payment can be made. Scentsy will hold your earnings until the Consultant commission total reaches or exceeds $30.00.
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