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Work from Home Selling Candles - Air Fresheners

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Karen Madsen

Flameless Candle, Flameless Scented Candles, Flameless Scented Candle, Strong Air Freshener

Experience Scentsy Travel Tins

Try a Travel Tin for $5 or several Combinations of Our Travel Tins


What is Scentsy a Scentsy Travel Tin?

Scentsy Travel Tin Not only do we offer fine Travel Tin Deodoeizer you can also purchase other Scentsy products to match or compliment your Scent Choices. Pick out a Travel Tin that matches you and you can also find scented wax, room spray, Scent Circle for your car or even a travel tin to take with you anywhere you go. We even have a Scentsy Buddy that will hold a Travel Tin of your personal fragrances that you can keep or give to someone to remember you. Now doesn't that make sense?

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